Better Than That



I’ll try and avoid making this blog diary thing really political, because that’s just, no, boring and complicated and stuff, but what happened yesterday, I just couldn’t be silent about it. 30 % OF FINNS DIDN’T VOTE IN THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS. That’s a huge number! That’s 1,6 million people! And they could’ve really made a change!

As it is, the victors of these elections are mostly conservatives, and the party that gained the second most seats in the parliament is known to be anti-LGBT, anti-immigration and most likely anti-feminism too, so (of course there’re probably some good people in the party too, but those of them who are on TV and magazines and wherever the most are usually very vocal about their homophobic and racist opinions). I am happy about the Green party’s success in these elections though, and even happier that my candidate, Li Andersson, got in with a huge amount of votes too, not to forget the other awesome young women who got in! So happy about those!

But still, I’m really, really scared of what’s going to happen during the next four years if the ’true finns’ party is accepted into the government. Really. Scared.



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